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What your about to enjoy!

Clean and safe place to relax and spend time with love ones <3

here's what you can enjoy with your booking

☁️☁️ Sky high @15thFloor with great taal view

Dedicated Wi-fi

🏚       A studio unit lay out nicely to take in group of 4
😊     Very comfortable for 4 adults
🛌     4 individual beds (single / single+)
😴     Pillows & Blankets
❄      Airconditioned unit
🖥     Flat Screen SMART TV
🍳    Light Cooking allowed
🍧     Refrigerator
🍚    Rice Cooker
👨‍🍳    Mircrowave
🍽     Plates and Utensils
☕    Coffee Nook with cups & saucer
🚿    Shower with Heater
👍    Regularly UV Sanitized


Unit's Interior

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