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The Full Story

Subdivision Plan

Paradisimo introduces to the public a new Home lifestyle for different types of generations. It is based off of a resort theme which brings a different and unique ambiance to every household. The entire project is 64, 537 sqm. and has a total number of 455 residential units. In the ownership of Queenstown Property Development Corporation, Paradisimo is located at Malainen, Naic, Cavite. This is an Economic Development that is under BP 220. The color-coded map makes it easier to discern the types of houses located in the subdivision;

  • Sofia - Yellow

  • Chiara - Mustard Yellow

  • Siena - Peach

  • Lot only - Dark Orange

The regular cut of lot is between 70 to 90 sqm. Paradisimo offers single-attached Bungalow houses with lot investments. Aside from the resort theme, different outdoor activities are openly welcomed such as rock climbing, swimming, biking, etc.

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